Shadow Ridge HOA, P.O. Box 3634, Olathe KS 66063/913-208-3864


December HOA board meeting minutes now posted.


Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale held either on Friday, 4/25 and Saturday, 4/26 OR Friday, 5/9 and Saturday, 5/10.


Please contact the Hospitality committee members for any news about your family!!


If you are doing any additions to your house, please contact the board before making any external additions for approval.


Anyone interested in playing Bunco -- first Thursday 7 PM to ? of each month.  Please contact Letha at



From a resident in Shadow Ridge:

2 of my friends houses in Overland Park got affected. Thieves are entering by breaking glass door in the kitchen and entering the house and taking things from the home in less than 5 to 7 minutes. The thieves are entering the house when no one is at home and they are watching the house. Even today afternoon there is one break in at a community opposite to Black Bob pool. There are close to 10 break ins in the last 2 weeks in Overland Park and Olathe.  If you see any suspicious activities or unfamiliar vehicle you should contact the local police department. 



Please review the following website about the project:


Do you have window problems? Please visit Milgard's website for information on care warranty:  http://www.milgard.come/care-and-warranty.  You can also contact the Milgard regional rep: Pat at 303-365-5540/800-365-0425.

HOA Board meeting minutes are now updated! 


Shadow Ridge Mission Statement:

  • To support the home owners in all matters beneficial to the Shadow Ridge community and its members.
  • To reserve the right to challenge actions that are deemed not to be in the best interests of the majority and to work for change where change is needed.
  • To help enforce existing covenants, to help implement revisions in areas where covenants are flawed, ineffective or non-existent.
  • To seek continuous improvements in financial oversight, budgeting, and spending of our funds dedicated to the operations of the common properties owned by the home owners association.
  • To support general community interests such as issues with the county, efforts designed to increase property values, and other long term goals.

First Ward City Councilman:

Larry Campbell

Ward 1

Term: Present to 4/2015


Yearly Dues - $85.00 

Fiscal Year: April 1-April 1

Send yearly dues to:

Shadow Ridge HOA

P O Box 3634

Olathe KS 66063


Weeds need to be purged? Contact:    Dennis Pine @ 913-971-9873

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